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Karakaya Polymer

Karakaya Polymer Plastik San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti. as we use our experience in the plastics industry in the compound sector. Our company serves in Istanbul. Our company, which produces with new machines and equipment, produces customer-oriented, original or eco-carrier compounds. Thanks to the new generation technologies, our customers can prepare boutique and desired products in a very short time.


Our laboratories are equipped with advanced systems and devices for determining the chemical and physical properties of polymers and color matching.


Progress always begins with curiosity and research. We are always trying to capture the best colors for you and produce the most efficient color and additive products for you.


Sustainability in our company's laboratory is standard, we are working quickly and continuously to please our customers for the numerous product changes requested and for future market trends.

Why Karakaya Polymer?

We develop special solutions for our customers and try to offer advanced technology and the best products with a wide range of products. We provide procurement, technical support and an accurate, full and fast delivery schedule. We are at your service to provide you with the most efficient service.